Hungry Young Poets

Barbie's Cradle's Barbie Almalbis, Wendell Gar...

Barbie’s Cradle’s Barbie Almalbis, Wendell Garcia, and Kakoi Legaspi after their performance at the 2005 UPLB Febfair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hungry Young Poets (aka HYP) was a band founded in the Philippines in 1997. They were originally formed as a duo by Barbie Almalbis (guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter) and Willa McFadden (bassist). After releasing their first and only self-titled album, George McFadden (drummer) officially completed the lineup as a trio.

In 1998, Gurango left the band to lead the cover band Little Green Men, before forming Mojofly. With Gurango’s assertion of rights to the band’s name, Almalbis and Benitez would later rename the group to Barbie’s Cradle.

Barbie’s Cradle later became a popular band, with Barbie Almalbis as lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, and Franklin Benitez as drummer. Rommel dela Cruz then joined the group as bassist, and by 1999, drummer Wendell Garcia joined replacing Benitez.

In 2005, the group disbanded and Almalbis went on to pursue a solo career, while Rommel dela Cruz soon became the bassist of Freestyle (the original bassist migrated to Australia).

2001 Katha Awards
Best Electronica Composition, “Up and at ‘Em” (Power Puff Girls CD)
Best Folk Song, “Dear Paul”
Best Folk Vocal Performance, “Dear Paul” (single) by Barbie Almalbis
2001 NU107 Rock Awards
Best Music Video, “Money For Food” (video) by Monty Parungao
2000 Katha Awards
Best Alternative Song, “Goodnyt” (single)
Best Album Packaging, Barbie’s Cradle (self-titled) by Barbie         Almalbis/Yvette Co
PARI 13th Awit Awards 2000
Best Album Packaging, Barbie’s Cradle (self-titled)
1999 New Artist Awards Festival, 99.5RT
Best New Pop-Alternative Artist, Barbie’s Cradle

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