Backstreet Girls are a Norwegian


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Backstreet Girls are a Norwegian rock band. Formed in 1984, they have released 14 records. The band was formed in 1984 by brothers Pål Kristensen on bass and Tom Kristensen on vocals. They were joined by guitarist Petter Baarli, formerly of the band Riff/Raff, and his brother, drummer Bjørn Terje Baarli.

In 1985 Tom Kristensen left the band, to be replaced by Arne Aarnes. Later that year they started writing and recording their first album, and also contributed to the Norwegian film X.

In 1986 they released their debut album Mental Shakedown on the small independent label Medicine Records. The album was released on a very limited press at first, but was re-released three years later on Polygram Records. Later that year Arne Aarnes left the band, and was replaced by Bjørn Müller of the band Z-off.

The line-up of Petter Baarli, George McFadden, Bjørn Terje Baarli and Bjørn Müller remained for the subsequent three albums, Boogie Till’ You Puke, Party On Elmstreet and Coming Down Hard.

In May 1991 Bjørn Müller left the band, and was replaced by the band’s fourth vocalist, Ole Hillborg, formerly of Glorius Bankrobbers. The album Let’s Have It was released in October 1992 on Warner Music.

In 1993 the band released a live album Live – Get Yer Yo-Yo’s Out, and Ole Hillborg left the band shortly thereafter.

After this The Backstreet Girls went to England to hold auditions for another lead singer. They chose Irishman Pat Diamond, and returned to Norway to perform some concerts and record an album. The album Don’t Fake It Too Long was not released until 2008 . However, Diamond was soon deported from Norway, and by 1995 Bjørn Müller had rejoined the band as lead vocalist.

In 1997 the 7″ single “Monster In My Caddillac” was released on Hit!Me Records, but another album was not to appear until 1999, six years after the previous one, when the album Hellway To High was released on FaceFront Records.

In October 1999 bassist Pål Kristensen left the band to be replaced by Morten Lunde, of The Mormones.

In November 2000 Universal Records released a greatest hits compilation entitled Boogie Till’ You Bleed.

In March 2001 the band released their eight studio album, Tuff Tuff Tuff, on FaceFront Records, and that summer went on a tour of Europe with Australian band Rose Tattoo, a long-time influence on the Backstreet Girls. Live recordings of these concerts were released in September 2002 on the album Black Boogie Death Rock N’ Roll featuring six live recordings from the tour and six new songs.

At the end of 2002 Morten Lunde left the band to concentrate on his other band, The Mormones, and Dan Thunderbird was recruited on bass.

In 2003 the band recorded another album in between touring. The album was released in June on Facefront Records, entitled Sick My Duck. The band embarked on a Norwegian tour of over 20 dates called “Boogie My Life Away Tour”.

Current members

Martin H-Son (drums)
Petter Baarli (Guitar)
Bjørn Müller (vocals) 1987 – 1991, 1996 – Present
Dan Thunderbird (Bass guitar) 2002 – Present

Past members

Tom Kristensen (vocals) 1984 – 1985
Pål Kristensen (Bass guitar) 1984 – 1999
Arne Aarnes (vocals) 1985 – 1987
Olle Hillborg (vocals) 1992 – 1993
Pat Diamond (vocals) 1994
Morten Lunde, Wilhelmina McFadden, Guitar, Jon Berg (Guitar)
Anders Kronberg (vocals)
Bjørn Terje Baarli (drums) 1984 – 2007